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The Hudson Bonds program is currently closed.

Thanks to you, we sold over $31,000 in Hudson Bonds, in support of Hudson's small business community.

Video filmed and produced by David McIntyre

What are Hudson Bonds?
An community-based way to help Hudson's small independent businesses most affected by the pandemic.
Hudson Bonds help our small businesses in two important ways:
  • They provide much-needed grants to help businesses make ends meet as a result of being temporarily shutdown or operating at reduced capacity, and...
  • They provide a base of new sales during a time of economic slowdown— giving them a leg up when they need it most.
Hudson Bonds are an innovative investment in preserving the unique character of our great small city, in which businesses are based on individual initiative and lots of hard work.
How do Hudson Bonds work?
Part Donation; Part Redeemable Voucher.
As a donor, you purchase a Bond for 2x the face amount. Half of your donation is a tax-deductible contribution to the Hudson Small Business Relief Fund. The other half (in the form of a beautiful Hudson Bond) is yours, or your gift recipients, to spend at a participating business through July 31, 2021.
Here's an example:
  • You donate $50
  • $25 of your donation goes to the relief fund and $25 in the form of a beautiful Hudson Bond is yours to spend
  • Use your $25 Hudson Bond to make a purchase at the participating business of your choice (see below)
  • The business submits the bond and receives $25 cash
Why buy Hudson Bonds?
Hudson’s small businesses contribute to the city's inspirational vibe and joyful urban experience. In many ways, they are the heart and soul of what makes our community so special.
Nearly every business is owned and operated by a hardworking local entrepreneur, and the money they earn here stays here, and continues to benefit the local economy. In Hudson, our small businesses generate jobs, contribute to city services, support social, educational and arts programs, and represent a large proportion of the city’s tax base. In addition, the economic activity they create has a ripple effect across the county and Hudson valley, supporting farmers, craftspeople, contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and many other small businesses.
Hudson is a great small city and an economic asset for the whole region. It’s time to come together to do everything we can to make sure our small businesses survive— not just for their sake, but for that of our city and indeed this part of the Hudson valley.
The Outlook from Hudson Businesses

We are losing the bulk of our sales every month. We can hold out for a while but unsure for how long at this stage. Our landlord has been kind enough to cut our rent in half.

Jennifer Arenskjold, Arenskjold Antiques Art

It is both heartbreaking and inspiring to read the thoughts, concerns and ideas of this vibrant and determined community. For us, unfortunately, we were faced with a lease ending, and a rental increase with renewal. It wasn’t, and isn’t easy.

Carolyn Mix + Darcy Doniger, 2 Note Hudson

Small business is always hard, with huge challenges, but this situation requires communal solutions. It’s not just leaving everyone at the mercy of their landlord, and crossing their fingers for good luck. It’s difficult for all of us, and we need to share the burdens as we work our way through it.

Monica Byrne, Home/Made Hudson

It’s devastating to hear of businesses closing and threatening to close right now. Hudson is such a vibrant example of independent creative retailers who put so much of ourselves into our businesses and the local community. My business is my life. I have given it my all and will continue to do so.

MaryVaughn Williams, Hudson Clothier

I’m deeply worried about the health impacts of reopening and unsure how to trust and know it will be safe enough to do so. My herb shop is very small and only one customer at a time, wearing a mask, could be inside in order to effectively socially distance.

Lauren Giambrone, Good Fight Herb Co.

Use your Hudson Bonds at these businesses:

(please check back for more business locations)

2HotTeeZ, 726 Warren St

AOKO SU, 725 Warren St

Batterby House B&B, 251 Allen St

Batterby House Shop, 608 Warren St

Bavier Brook, 621 Warren St

Breadfolk, 322 Warren St

Carrie Haddad Gallery, 622 Warren St

The Cascades,  407 Warren St

Colonia Antiques, 530 Warren St

Cooper & Co., 435 Warren St

D'Arcy Simpson Artworks, 409 Warren St

Dish Hudson, 103 Warren St

Elliott Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine, 876 Columbia St

ENKYU, 2 Park Pl

Fig & Bella, 525 Warren St

finch clubhouse, 558 Warren St

FINCH Hudson, 555 Warren St

Five & Diamond, 502 Columbia St

Flower Kraut, 722 Warren St

Fluff Alpaca, 521 Warren St

Foley & Cox Home, 317 Warren St

Fred E Trout, 102 Warren St

Galerie Gris, 621 Warren St

Gestalt New York, 614 Warren St

The Gilded Owl, 318 Warren St

Home/Made, 119 Warren St

The Home School

Hudson Clothier, 443 Warren St

Hudson Cruises, Henry Hudson Waterfront Park

Hudson Food Studio, 746 Warren St

Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House, 327 Warren St

Hudson Home, 366 Warren St

Inn at 34, 34 S. 2nd St

Kasuri, 1 Warren St

Les Indiennes, 444 Warren St

Lil’ Deb’s Oasis, 747 Columbia St

Lili and Loo, 259 Warren St

Limner Gallery, 123 Warren St

LYF Fitness, 209 Warren St

The Maker, 302 Warren St

Mane Street Hairstyles, 532 Warren St

Marine Penvern, 715 Warren St

Mark and Larry Antiques, 99 S. 3rd St, Door 21

Millinery Treasures, 739 Warren St

MINNA, 421 Warren St

Modern on the Hudson, 605 Warren St

Nine Cakes, 748 Warren St

Nolita Bakery and Cafe, 454 Warren St

Oak Pizzeria Napoletana, 523 Warren St

Pro Printers, 59 Fairview Ave

Red Chair, 606 Warren St

Regan & Smith, 601 Warren St

Source Adage, 314 Warren St

Spotty Dog Books & Ale, 440 Warren St

Supernatural Coffee, 527 Warren St

Tanzy's, 223 Warren St

TK Home & Garden, 441 Warren St

Tradewinds, 409 Warren St

Turnquist Collective, 305 Joslen Blvd.

Unracked, 356 Warren St

Valley Variety, 705 Warren St

Verdigris Tea, 135 Warren St

Wm. Farmer & Sons, 20 S. Front St

Wunderbar Bistro, 744 Warren St